How to sleep better when you travel

Do you find it hard to sleep whenever you travel? You’re not alone. Among the many things that can keep you awake when traveling, you usually have to cope with strange noises and lights, unfamiliar surroundings, a different pillow, and possibly even a different temperature than you’re used to.

This list of tips will help you sleep better when you’re away from home. Be sure to pin this or bookmark it for your next trip.

Sleep better at the hotel

sleep better when you travel

Eliminate stimuli

Turn off the TV, close the blinds, turn off all but the most dim light. You want to leave at least one light on so you don’t hurt yourself if you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Bring an eye mask with you, even if you’re not used to wearing one at home. You may not realize how annoying the outside lights can be until you’ve turned out the lights to go to bed.

Listen to a white noise app to mask unfamiliar sounds in the night. Hotels are notorious for strange sounds… the A/C unit, the neighbors, the whirlpool tub upstairs… and all of these can wake you up at night. If you use a white noise app like NiteFan that plays a consistent, multi-pitched sound throughout the night, your mind will focus on that sound and other sounds will not be as distracting.

If you have a room mate who doesn’t appreciate your white noise app, bring a pair of sleep headphones to wear at night. These are headphones designed exclusively for sleeping and will allow you to rest your head in any position. They will make your white noise app even more powerful in masking out unwanted sounds.

Make your atmosphere more familiar

Bring your own pillowcase from home. The familiar smell and feel may help you to fall asleep easier.

Bring an extension cord so you can keep your electronics as close or as far away from the bed as you’re used to. This is especially important if you’re using your phone for white noise or an alarm clock. Some hotels do not have outlets available on both sides of the bed.

Bring a night light. This may seem odd, but plugging in a night light is less distracting than leaving the bathroom light on.

Ask for a different type of pillow if necessary. Some hotels have more firmness and size options available if you call the front desk.

Bring a cup of herbal tea from home that helps you sleep. Brew it in your room’s coffee maker.

Sleeping on a train or plane

  • Let your flight attendant know that you are going to try to sleep so you won’t be disturbed for drinks or other questions.
  • Bring a neck pillow and/or a small blanket from home to allow you to rest in a comfortable position.
  • Wear an eye mask to block out the overhead lights or other traveler’s electronics
  • Eliminate the noise of the engine and other passengers with a white noise app such as NiteFan.
  • Headphones are a must. You can order headphones that are made especially for sleeping for the most comfortable resting position.
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