The NiteFan Story

Shana Russell, creator of NiteFan, White Noise sleep app

I’m Shana Russell, the creator of NiteFan, the app that allows you to sleep to the sound of a fan wherever you are.

I’m the mother to 5 girls. Three of them have a habit of sleeping with a fan next to their bed and they find it difficult to sleep without one. This used to be troublesome whenever they wanted to sleep at a friend’s house or we went on a vacation. We went on a few road trips carrying a trunk full of fans. That wasn’t very practical, but it allowed them to sleep well on vacation.

I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great if they could take that sound with them wherever they go? They all have iPhones that they take everywhere, so an app that plays the sounds of their fans would be a great thing for them to have. They could take it to their grandparent’s house, friend’s houses, or on trips and we wouldn’t have to reserve half of our trunk space for fans.

NiteFan app on iphoneI got to work. I figured out how to create an app that played a series of sounds, recorded the sound of the fans in our house, wrote a punny app store description, and called it NiteFan. (OK, it was a bit more complicated than that. Take a look at the article I wrote about my experience learning to create an app on

Since developing the app for my kids, I’ve learned quite a bit about sleep, sounds, and they way that people use sound to eliminate distractions. People have given me a great deal of helpful feedback. I’ve learned that they use my app to fall asleep at home, when they travel, and even to achieve the opposite effect – to eliminate distractions at work for enhanced productivity!

I created this site so that all of the “NiteFan fans” will have a place to read about the app and how white noise can help you sleep at night. I will recommend a few products that compliment the app as well as other products to help you sleep.

If you need support or want to give app feedback, feel free to email me any time