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When can using a white noise app like NiteFan benefit you?

NiteFan is great for any place or time that you want to block out unwanted noises so you can concentrate or sleep better…

  • At work to help you take a power nap
  • At work to help with productivity
  • At home to mask the things that go bump in the night
  • At home if your partner snores
  • In a hotel to mask strange sounds
  • On the bus, train or plane to help you sleep
  • On the bus, train or plane to mask out the noises around you while reading or working
  • Night shift workers who have to sleep when others are awake
  • Nurses, doctors or other healthcare professionals who take naps on breaks
  • When your kids can’t sleep because they’re scared of noises that they hear at night
  • In the hospital to mask the sounds of equipment and other activity
  • When visiting friends or relatives who may have different sleep schedules than you
  • When studying to mask out distracting noise
  • When the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking at night
  • loud music playing
  • noisy neighbors
  • loud heater or a/c in the room
  • to concentrate when studying or reading
  • to concentrate when working
  • during meditation
  • When you have a new puppy who makes noise at night
  • In your baby’s room to help your baby sleep
  • When you travel with your baby and he can’t sleep
  • When your kids can’t sleep at a friend’s house
  • When you’re on a long road trip and it’s your turn to sleep in the car
  • While camping, if you’re scared that every noise you hear is a bear that wants to eat you for dinner

Download NiteFan tonight!

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