Do you FANcy falling asleep to the sound of a FAN? Well that’s FAN-tastic! You probably FANtasize about being able to take your fan with you when you travel, don’t you? Sometimes that’s just not possible. But never fear! If you’re a FAN FANatic, this app is for you!

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Also available on the new Apple TV

Do you have the new Apple TV in your bedroom? Imagine listening to the sound of your favorite fan mix through your TV speakers. NiteFanTV will allow you to choose between the sounds of 4 different fans and 6 different added effects to help you concentrate or fall asleep.

If you’re trying to fall asleep or the animations are distracting, there’s a handy window shade that you can close.

Download NiteFanTV tonight by visiting the App Store on your Apple TV and searching for “nite”

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  • This app will allow you to choose between the sounds of 4 different fans to help you fall asleep.

    You can play just one type of fan or you can be a fan DJ and create a mix.

  • Add the sound of rain to your fans, or add a click or an electrical hum to make the sound more realistic and mesmerizing.

    Do water sounds make you thirsty or want to tinkle? This rain sound was carefully picked and will make you feel cozy under your covers and not send you running for the toilet all night.

  • The sound will play in the background, so you can lock the screen of your phone and still hear the sound as you fall asleep.

    The sounds will play until you stop them in the morning. No internet connection is required.

  • You can’t take your fan on vacation. You can’t take your fan on business trips.

    Your kids can’t take their fan to the sleepover. You probably shouldn’t take it to work for a mid-morning nap, either.But guess what? You can take the NiteFan app with you anywhere!

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Great for Traveling

NiteFan is great for traveling. You can’t always bring your fan with you when you travel, but you can bring your NiteFan App with you wherever you roam.

Use it on the plane, train or bus to drown out the sounds of the other passengers and catch a few winks. Use it at the hotel when the a/c makes strange noises or you just need to be reminded of the comforts of home. Use it at your relative’s house during holiday travel and wake up feeling bright and merry instead of grouchy and sweary.

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Fall asleep and stay asleep

Research shows that falling asleep to white noise can help you fall asleep faster. You will also be less likely to wake up to noises in the room.

Play night fan all night while you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

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NiteFan Fans Love NiteFan!

  • I love bundling up under a fan when going to sleep, but I always wake up with a stuffy nose and a dry mouth. NO MORE! Now I'm a fan DJ at night and clear headed in the morning!
    "Fizhyz"Dry mouth is nasty. Download it tonight.
  • Cool App! This actually helped me not kill a neighbor's dog that just won't shut up ever. I couldn't sleep over his unabating yapping. This app nicely covered up the noise and I got my sleep.
    Shammy Whammy11Save a life. Download it tonight.
  • I love how you can turn all the fans on and mix them up. #3 and #2 are my favorites
    "Lionhorn"Mix it up - Download NiteFan Tonight
  • Just what I needed to drown out other noise and get great sleep on vacation!
    "A fan fanatic"You can sleep on vacation, too! Download NiteFan
  • I used this app when I went on vacation last week. I have one at home and this worked just as well! Recommend this to anyone!
    "Fan of the Fan App"Do you travel? Download it, then
  • I've been falling asleep to a fan my entire life, so when the power goes out (almost always happens at night too, of course), I'm up all night. Power went out at night recently, so I hooked up my iPod to a portable stereo and was able to fall asleep to this app! Love it!
    "tms9055"Blackouts = scary noises. Download this app just in case.
  • I love this app for falling asleep, but my favorite way to use it is actually at work! When I'm doing some writing or anything that really requires a lot of focus and attention, I plug in my headphones and use this app. All of my coworkers' noise and ongoing meetings in the next room are completely drowned out. I'm so much more productive!
    "BTCoffee"Do work. Download NiteFan

Ready for your best night's sleep?

Download NiteFan tonight on your iPhone or iPod touch by clicking the button below, or download on the new Apple TV by searching for ‘NiteFan’ in the Apple TV app store.